Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Scene from "Blooming Babel"

Annabella consults Brandy on her kitchen decor...

Brandy started out by hiring Annabella Dimetriosis, a very talented designer. Even though she knew that Annabella was deeply talented and artistic, she felt a resistance. Though Annabella had the most elegant solutions for all of the  design needs, Brandy felt the need to resist. As time went on this resistance increased with each gorgeous design that was realized in Brandy and Burn's home. It made no sense to Burn, as he knew that Brandy loved Annabella's work, and how enriching it was to their environment. Burn confided in Valencia one morning while the two were waiting for Brandy to join them for brunch. He was stunned by Valencia's insight: Brandy was made insecure by Annabella's ability to create a beautiful home, because she felt envious and ashamed. As a woman, she felt inadequate that she alone could not create such a beautiful home environment; it was her duty.


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