Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Hangers On | where we leave off

I made a good discovery: while making the internal support for "wall thorns" that I make out of plaster, I usually use a pipe cleaner as the armature. At some point I tried pulling a pipe cleaner quickly through my fingers and it formed a curl, an element of its structure. It's what-? The crystalline structure of the metal wire? - I don't know. I liked the shape and dipped it in plaster.
I made a lot of them after I realized that if I hang them from clear strings, they are like some funny caterpillars that were hanging over a trail by a river in France. This was during an amazing hike, and possibly the most difficult one I've ever been on.

Hopefully we'll get more and more movement in the window with the hanging caterpillars. I'm trying to animate them by different means, like pointing the fan at the paper that they're connected to, thus seeing that I can make a web with the clear plastic string. Then, using the principle of a spiderweb, I can have one of the kinetic sculptures tap the web, causing movement throughout.

Though more challenging than coming in with a preset plan, it's best to work this way: using bits of ideas and letting the space reveal what's interesting to pursue.

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