Friday, October 16, 2015

Test shot for Weird Garden Scene

> To be performed and filmed live on November 28 in the afternoon/evening at Artists' Television Access, 992 Valencia St., San Francisco.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

More realistic Night views | the graffiti wants itself to be seen where they leave off

It's kind of unfortunate, the way somebody has gone and etched graffiti into the places along Valencia that can't really afford to buff it out.
It's one reason that I put the little hanging caterpillar forms in the window, they blend with the shape of the glass graffiti.

A Night View of where we leave off

Where We Left Off at the Reception

It was at the reception for the window installation at ATA, this was the seventh anniversary of my sister Yolanda's death. She died on September 11*, 2008 from ovarian cancer. This is a picture of her very close friend Elizabeth,in a photo booth I had made. It was a film noir setup with window blinds. It had nothing to do with the window installation, except that it involved light and a boundary - a leaving off, as it were. That's what a window is, what Shadow is: a leaving off, transparent or insolid in some way. Visitors to the reception were invited to pose in the booth, and I would direct them in acting out poses. In this photograph, my prompt was that Elizabeth was looking out the window and seeing Yolanda.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Behind the Scenes | Where we leave off

I must confess that some of these little kinetics systems I made ended up being more for my entertainment than for any outside viewers, unless they happened to step in the doorway and look behind the paper that divides the front of the window from the back. My intention was for this contraption to cause movement in the rest of the installation. I also planned to backlight and project its shadow onto the paper. I may yet get the opportunity, but the space is very small and difficult to work in, and it's hard to go work at night because there are often programs at ATA, which is great.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Day for Night | where we leave off

Day for night is a film term: shooting films in the daytime and just closing down the camera shutter, or putting filters over the lens, so it looks like night time. (Sort of)
This has nothing to do with this installation, except that I come in the daytime and work for the night time. I try to imagine how it'll look when lit and moving at night.

Very soon I will be working day for day.

New Inhabitant | Where We Leave Off

In the window again. I'll be here til about 12:30 I guess.


Thursday, September 10, 2015

LED lights cast nice shadows

And so can you! Tomorrow night 6-9pm
992 Valencia Street


More detail of hangers on. | where we leave off today

The little hairs broke off the turning part of this kinetic system. I fixed them using one of the Caterpillar shapes and reconfigured it a little.
I'm in the window until 2 o'clock

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Hangers On | where we leave off

I made a good discovery: while making the internal support for "wall thorns" that I make out of plaster, I usually use a pipe cleaner as the armature. At some point I tried pulling a pipe cleaner quickly through my fingers and it formed a curl, an element of its structure. It's what-? The crystalline structure of the metal wire? - I don't know. I liked the shape and dipped it in plaster.
I made a lot of them after I realized that if I hang them from clear strings, they are like some funny caterpillars that were hanging over a trail by a river in France. This was during an amazing hike, and possibly the most difficult one I've ever been on.

Hopefully we'll get more and more movement in the window with the hanging caterpillars. I'm trying to animate them by different means, like pointing the fan at the paper that they're connected to, thus seeing that I can make a web with the clear plastic string. Then, using the principle of a spiderweb, I can have one of the kinetic sculptures tap the web, causing movement throughout.

Though more challenging than coming in with a preset plan, it's best to work this way: using bits of ideas and letting the space reveal what's interesting to pursue.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Friday, September 4, 2015

Wearable Shadow component of WHERE WE LEAVE OFF

WHERE I Left Off Today

992 Valencia St (near 21st)


September 3, I was trying to use the magnifying glass to project some lace, but it was too bright. That led me to discover a nice little projection of the buildings illuminated by the sun. Then I noticed how lovely the shadows of passersby looked on the paper I installed.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

WHERE WE LEAVE OFF In the window again. I'll be here til about 2:30 I reckon.

In the window again. I'll be here til about 2:30 I reckon.


I set up 2 pieces and found that the motion detector doesn't work through glass. I visited with a passerby.
Yes, on the way there the box of supplies made a great sound. I'm looking forward to setting up the sound part.
It's nice to build the installation bit by bit. It will grow, shrink, and change throughout the month.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


In the window for the first time. It's already interesting. Passers by are curious and I haven't even started. I'll be here til about 2:30, I reckon. Come on by anytime.💡🔋

Monday, August 31, 2015

WHERE WE LEAVE OFF RECEPTION Friday Sept 11, 6pm Artists Television Access

WHERE WE LEAVE OFF September Window installation at ATA, 992 Valencia Street, (near 21st) San Francisco

I'll have an installation in ATA's window at 992 Valencia Street (near 21st St) for the whole month of September 2015. Check back here to see when I'll be there working/performing...come on by and join it maybe.

Free Reception Friday September 11, 6-10PM. Music, refreshments, performance, screening, interactive art, +