Sunday, July 22, 2018

Friday, July 13, 2018

Simulation and analog copies by ink

I had an amazing printing experience today. I put flowers on the printer glass and photocopied them directly onto transparency film. The original objective is to project these transparencies for a scene I'll shoot, as background and lighting. I was wanting to use color that's as close to the flowers as possible; if I photograph and print them, the optics transform the color a little. And yes, photocopying them does too, but it seems less meditated. Anyway, the prints look so amazing—the ink on the emulsion is like a bas-relief. It's what I always loved about film. The trace of the subject is there...
Anyway, I know that using an opaque project would be a way to "project" the flowers, but I don't have that. 
But if you click here, you'll see a 50-second video I made about the thing this morning. It shows the print and its shadow: