Saturday, November 26, 2016

The Other You 3a...explanations

Inside of the ATA storefront window, we have set up a mirror so that we can photograph the street and our reflection, to show our own gaze. And the passersby, as they look at us or not.

On the right we see Ariel Zaccheo, who curates the ATA Window Gallery along with Tessa Siddle. In the middle is my character, "Jennifer!" reappearing for the first time in over a decade. Like all of the other characters that Alfred Hernandez and I created (with guest appearances by Carmen Meléndez, John Steiner and Shiloh Dyrness) "Jennifer!" Manifested for a couple minutes before morphing ing to someone else.

The Other You 1a

The Other You 1a

The Other You 1

The Other You 14a

Friday, November 25, 2016

The Other You 14c

The Other You 14b

The Other You 15

The Other You 14

The Other You 12

The Other You 2

The Other You 3

The Other You 11

The Other You 10

The Other You 9

The Other You 8

The Other You 7

The Othet You 6

Monday, October 24, 2016

Bain & Hernandez ATA window performance Friday November 25, 4-9pm ... "The Other You"

 Bain & Hernandez ATA window performance Friday November 25, 4-9pm ... Artists' Television Access, 992 Valencia St, San Francisco

The Other You

A gesture can contain the DNA of an entire persona. From a gait, a life story is told. We will inhabit the ATA window for several hours to perform a marathon of spontaneous character transformations. Not theater improv, this work is what we've both been doing for 2 decades: using character/persona/alter ego to get at the things that people are, that people do. To explore what is inherently human vs what is consumed as an idea of who we are, or who we are supposed to be.  

ATA's storefront window is advertising architecture along one of the most moneyed commercial strips in this country. When display windows like this contain the human form, the signal is for viewers to consume, to conform to the specific fashion being portrayed. Instructions are being given on how to look, be, buy...

Last year we loved thwarting the shopper's impulse by being well-dressed, friendly non sequitur in the window; this year we will continue by populating the space with a continuous personality parade from afternoon til evening on Black Friday.

Claire Bain and Alfred Hernandez are Bay Area artists. They both employ persona, using their bodies as material to create impressions of being and story. They have each shown work at numerous venues, and sometimes collaborate.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Monday, September 19, 2016

AE Fall Open Studios

I'm at 2425-17th Street #8

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Art Explosion
Fall Open Studios

Opening Reception 
This Friday September 23rd 
7pm - 11pm

Come on out and enjoy our fabulously fun opening reception.

Open Studios: 
Sept 24th & 25th : Sat &Sun 12-5pm
See over 100 artists.

Art Explosion
Fall Open Studios 

Opening Reception:
Fri September 23rd 7-11pm

Open Studios:
Sat & Sun Sept 24th & 25th  12-5pm
2425 17th St , San Francisco, Ca
744 Alabama St , San Francisco, CA

San Francisco's largest Artist's collective is holding it's Annual Fall Open Studios.  Come see over 100 artists as they exhibit their work from their studios and show in the gallery. Painters, sculptures, photographers, fashion designers and jewelers will be showing. Please come and support original local artists, expand your art collection and find great deals. Get quality art at studio prices.
This is our biggest show of the year so don't miss it!

Free Admission
Free Refreshments.  


Rene Villa

Barbara Pollak-Lewis

Anastasia Faiella

Brian Estill

 McKenzie Coonce

Carla Caletti

Art Explosion Studios
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